Please read the following FAQs and if there are any questions, feel free to ask us anything!

Do I need to make a reservation?
Yes. Prior reservation is required. Please give us a booking request by the previous day.
When can I start making reservations?
We will accept on-line booking requests three months prior to the requested tour date.
What should I bring?
Be sure to wear something comfortable and sporty. If you have anything to carry, bring a knapsack or alike. There is a small bag on the bicycle only. And Bottle holders are equipped with the bikes. You can leave your big luggage at our office during the tour.
What kind of bicycle do you provide?
9 speed cross bike. Frame size 47cm – 57 cm suitable for minimum height of 150 cm (5 ft.) or taller.

**For adults
(Who are around 150 cm (5 ft.) or taller)
9 speed cross bike (brand name : TOKYO BIKE)
Frame size: 47 cm, 53 cm, 57 cm

**For children
(Who are around 125 cm — 150 cm tall.)
The number of the bike is limited. We appreciate your understanding.
*24 speed cross bike (brand name : Specialized Sirrus)
size XS


*21 speed MTB (brand name : Giant Snap1)
size XXS

Size 24″, 21 speeds Kid’s MTB (brand name : Trek MT 220)
Size 20#, 6 speeds Kid’s MTB (brand name : Trek MT60)

**E-Assist Option


  • Full Day Tour: ¥5,000
  • Half Day Tour: ¥3,000

E-Assist Bike Availability:

  • Size L (suitable for heights 165 cm and above) – 1 unit available
  • Size M (suitable for heights 154 cm and above) – 2 unit available

Please note that the number of e-assist-bikes is limited. We appreciate your understanding.

Is there any age limit?
 No. Although we have a few types of bikes which are suitable for those who are 125 cm or above, cycling with other guests for about 25 kilometers needs a certain skill of riding bikes and physical strength. If you don’t have a confident that your kids can finish entire route by themselves, we have following alternatives.
1. Kid’s trailer cycle Kids who are about 110 cm to 130 cm.
2. Kid’s trailer For children over one years old. Up to two children can be seated, maximum weight capacity is 22 kg (50 pounds) per child OR total 44 kg (100 pounds).
3. Kid’s seat Children for age 1-4. The maximum height of the child is 106 cm (42 inches) and maximum weight capacity is 17 kg(38 pounds).

Kid’s trailer cycle

Kid’s trailer

Kid’s seat

I have not been getting enough exercise lately. Can I join the tour? 6 hours cycling seems very tough for me.
The most of our courses are rather flat and we pedal slowly, taking plenty of rest in between. So, no worries! But some have tough hill climbing, so please refer to each tour’s description.
In case of rain, how do you decide whether or not to run the tour? How can you inform me?
The tour will be cancelled if the previous day’s weather forecast says the chance of rain is more than 60%. We will inform you to your contact by email if you don’t have an internet access, we will call to your mobile phone or the hotel you are staying.
What if it’s raining on the day of the tour?
We will contact you by 8 A.M.
How and who should I contact if I need to cancel the tour?
Some people might be waiting at the waiting list, so please give us e-mail in advance. if you cancel the tour on the day, please call to 4590-2995.
What kind of lunch box do you provide?
A standard Japanese type lunch box (Bento) at picnic style or we eat at restaurant depending on the situation.Those who are vegetarians, please inform us in advance.
Do you have a rental bike service?
If we are not operating the tours and the bikes are available, they can be rented for 500 yen / hour , max 2,500 yen / day (from 10:00-17:00). Please send us an e-mail or give us a call for this request.
Are you operating the tours in winter?
Yes. We are operating the tours all year round including winter. But there are some dates we don’t have tours, especially during New Year’s holidays.Please check our HOME news or our latest news at our Blog.
**Important Notice!**

We have recently been receiving inquiries that our e-mails have not been reaching you. There may be cases that you or your ISP may be using a “spam” filter that inadvertently blocks the email sent from our address.
We at Tokyo Great Cycling Tour reply to your inquiries within two business days. If you experience any delay or have not received any reply, please check your spam folder first. If you still can not found our e-mail, could you kindly let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you !