Notice of fare raise after October 2019

The tour prices of TGT have been left unchanged for 13 years since the first tour in 2006; however, in view of the cost increase during this period and the consumption tax increase scheduled for October 2019, we can not help but increase the tour prices as listed below. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Route A , B, C, E, F and G –  12,000 yen (over 13 years old) , 6,000 yen (below 12 years old)

Route D – 6,000 yen (over 13 years old),  3,000 yen (below 12 years old)

Route H – 13,000 yen (over 13 years old, 6,500 yen below 12 years old)

Evening Tour – 5,000 yen (over 13 years old, 2,500 yen (below 12 years old)